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Combining long-term market expertise and forces together, pv magazine and Solarabic have shaped a brand-new event in the Saudi energy landscape – SunRise Arabia: Clean Energy Conference 2024.

Solarabic™ is at the forefront of facilitating a sustainable, carbon-neutral future in the Middle East and Africa through digital innovation. Our platform operates as a dynamic cleantech data and news source, delivering expert knowledge on renewable energy. Our services encompass:

– Raising Awareness: Cultivating awareness within local communities about renewable energy and sustainable practices.

– Market Access Services: Bridging international corporations with suitable regional partners across the MENA landscape for market entry and expansion.

– Market Research: Keeping a pulse on MENA’s evolving renewable energy scene, electric mobility breakthroughs, and overarching sustainability efforts.

– Technical Marketing: Offering nuanced technical marketing and brand stewardship for stakeholders in the energy sector.

– PR: Crafting targeted advertising, public relations, and marketing avenues for renewable energy enterprises aiming to establish or extend their reach within the MENA market.

Since its initial publication in 2008, the pv magazine group has evolved into the leading global solar and storage media platform with regional insights.
pv magazine publishes monthly and quarterly magazines in English and German and operates daily industry news channels covering specific markets (Global, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Latin America, Australia, China, and India). With its independent, technology-focused reporting, pv magazine concentrates on the latest developments in the solar PV and energy storage markets and local industries. Articles cover new products and technologies, policy and market developments, and other topics related to solar PV and the energy transition. pv magazine also has an established and successful international hybrid and virtual events portfolio to deep-dive into these industry matters.

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