KS Emphasizes Collaborative Efforts for Sustainable Mineral Supply Chains

 KS Emphasizes Collaborative Efforts for Sustainable Mineral Supply Chains

In a keynote address during the third edition of the International Mining Conference, Saudi Minister of Industry and Mineral Resources, Bandar bin Ibrahim Alkhorayef, highlighted the imperative for global collaboration in establishing sustainable value chains for critical minerals.

Alkhorayef stated, “This forum brings together supplier and consumer, providing an excellent opportunity to build upon previous agreements. Last year witnessed consensus on four initiatives aimed at advancing the sector’s future, and we are committed to progressing towards implementation.”

The initiatives focus on the development of critical minerals, setting regional expectations for critical mineral supplies, and capacity building through excellence and green mineral centers supported by advanced technologies.

“We are on the path to cleaner energy, but this requires swift action from everyone. We must collectively address challenges to achieve resilient, independent, and sustainable value chains, ensuring the supply of critical minerals in a world undergoing this transformation,” Alkhorayef urged, calling on supplier nations to assist the world in realizing its future aspirations.

Minister Alkhorayef highlighted the Kingdom’s social and economic impact and numerous successes in the minerals sector, citing projects such as the Northern Pledge in the northern industrial region and the Gold Cradle in the western part of the country.

The conference focuses on attracting investments to the mineral industries in the region, deploying advanced digital technologies in the sector, and applying the best sustainability standards. Discussions also encompass global realities, examining the impacts on mineral and energy supplies, as well as the current and future state of mining in the region and worldwide.

The conference explores the contribution of mining projects to community development, reviews recent developments, and explores potential opportunities in the Kingdom, specifically, and the region as a whole.

Source: Solarabic