Leon Chuang

Global Marketing Director, Risen Energy

Leon Chuang, Risen Energy Co.,Ltd , Global Marketing Director , Master of Business Administration , Rich resume , Has extensive successful practical experience in photovoltaic technology solutions, construction management, and financial operations , In 2008, Leon chuang joined Jiangxi Ruijing Solar, and participated in the early construction of Ruijing in the whole process. He has experienced the development of domestic and foreign markets from research and development to products (solar photovoltaic cells) to systems (Golden Sun Project, Xizang Power Generation Project) . In 2012, he successfully introduced German photovoltaic EPC technology and material production for photovoltaic feasibility studies to China during his tenure at Beijing Volvo Solar Company, helping to consolidate the technological upgrading and overseas project investment foundation of the domestic photovoltaic industry


Wednesday 31 January 2024

Panel discussion 2 | Solar techs for the desert

In this session, we will discuss with industry experts and representatives of manufacturers the importance of choosing highly reliable products when operating in the Saudi market, as well as how to better procure these products.

Talking points:

  • Potential new factories in SA
  • Local content requirements
  • Next-generation product (tandem perovskite-silicon)
  • Competition of mainstream technologies PERC, TOPCon, xBC, HTJ
  • Localizing inverter production
  • Testing and certification

Speakers: Abdullah Zalam, Manager – PV Technology, ACWA Power | Leon Chuang, Global Marketing Director, Risen Energy | Theo Xin, Head of Product&Technology MENA, Trina Solar | Yasser Zaidan, Sr. Sales Manager - Middle East, Jinko Solar

Moderators: Emiliano Bellini, News Director, pv magazine | Dr. Amin Al Yaquob, Managing Partner, Al Yaquob Advisory