Dr. Hussain Bassi

Senior Consultant, Saline Water Conversion Corporation

Dr. Hussain Bassi, a power and control systems guru at Saline Water Conversion Corporation (WTIIRA), champions renewable energy integration. His multilevel inverter magic helps solar and wind seamlessly join the grid. A data champion, he harnesses analytics to optimize energy flow and tame pesky shade on solar panels. From patented inventions to prestigious publications, Dr. Bassi's expertise electrifies the industry. He tirelessly explores efficient harvesting systems and whispers control secrets to wind turbines. A passionate researcher and dedicated academic, Dr. Bassi empowers a sustainable energy future, one watt at a time.


Wednesday 31 January 2024

Panel discussion 1 | Market perspectives and opportunities in the Saudi PV market

In this session, experts and analysts from local and international companies will discuss the perspectives of this segment and the challenges that must still be addressed to further reduce prices and foster innovation.

Talking points:

  • LCOE of large-scale and small-scale PV in SA
  • PV and storage in the SA energy market
  • Direct and indirect incentives
  • Future policies
  • Renewable energy targets
  • PV for energy exports

Speakers: Nahidh El-Shaer, Country Director, SirajPower | Majid Refae, Chairman, Saudi Polytechnic Institute of Renewable Energy | Marcus H. Schrauf, CEO, FAS Energy | Dr. Hussain Bassi, Senior Consultant Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC)

Moderators:  Essam Al-Ammar, Professor of Electrical Energy, King Saud University